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Welcome to Mrs. Hubbard's Second Grade Class














     Please contact me any time:

        My email address:

        My Phone number: (714) 528-7475 ext. 106


        I will use the ClassDojo App:

            Parents please download the ClassDojo app(free for iPhone and Android):

            Please see the Back to School packet, or email me for the instructions and code to join.

            I will use this app to track student behavior.

            I will send messages, reminders and updates straight to your cell phone.

            Parents can contact and send messages to me.

            This is by far the best way to contact me, as I frequently see these messages      

            before emails.        


I am thankful to have a job that I love! Teaching is an honor and a dream come true for me! I enjoy working with children because each day has the potential of changing a life. My greatest treasure is my family, which includes my husband of 37 years, our 3 adult children, our son n’ law, our daughter n' law, our 10 year old grandson, 8 year old granddaughter, 5 yr. old grandson, 2 yr. old grandson, and newborn granddaughter (June 2019 :)  I have a Bachelors Degree in Art, a California Teaching Credential, CLAD certification, and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Education. I am excited to begin my eighteenth year at Olinda in the Fall of 2019, and I am so proud of our school. I really look forward to a terrific year with wonderful students, parents and fellow staff members.

   Tidbits: I love to do artsy projects like chalk painting furniture.

           When I have time I love to paint and draw.
           I have three vintage cars, Volkswagon Beetles, 1958, 1967 and 1976.
   My husband and I go on VW drives, fundraisers and events.
           I love game nights with my family and friends.
Thanks to those who have donated "helping hands" or other items to our class! There are many items needed throughout the year and if you check here I will list them. Donations are greatly appreciated!


                         ~Brightly Colored (Astro-Brights) Cardstock Paper 
                         ~White Cardstock Paper
~Small treasure box prizes 

                         ~Individually wrapped candy like:


                              ~Tootsie Rolls

                              ~Jolly Ranchers

                        ~Individually wrapped treats (no peanuts/nuts please)

                        ~Vintage Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, blocks, building toys that you are cleaning  

                           out of your closet or getting rid of :) I use them for STEM projects

                        ~Boxtops for Education

                        ~Pencils...always :)

                        ~Gift bags or cello bags (any colors in sets of 30:)




                        ~Pipe cleaners

                        ~Googley Eyes (any Size)


                        ~Crayola markers     

                        ~Crayola crayons

                        ~Crayola colored pencils

                                    Thank you!






Don't be can do Jiji Math at home!
To login go to:


                      Click on JiJi penguin,

                      Input activation code: OLI75U-HEH-FB-KUH

                      Your child can log in with their symbol code and begin learning and playing.

                      The Jiji Math program is challenging and fun. The goal is 33% per trimester.

If you want to find out if your child's book is at their AR level go to:
      1. Listen when your teacher is talking
      2. Follow directions.

      3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
      4. Raise your hand to speak or stand.
      5. Be safe, be kind, and be honest.


Second Grade Homework:

Spelling Grid: 
Math Review Worksheet 
Spelling Grid: 
Math Review Worksheet 

Spelling Grid: 

Math Review Worksheet 

Spelling Grid: 
Math Review Worksheet

-Please have your parents sign and return your Weekly Dojo Tracker on Monday or the first school day of the week.
-Don't forget to read AR books and do Jiji Math to reach the goals of:
8 AR books at 70% correct on tests, and 33% on Jiji by the end of each trimester.

Bring a small snack to eat at recess time.
Return your homework and folder each day.






Our Schedule

(tentative and always subject to change :)


8:00-8:30  Daily morning work, journal, morning announcements, correcting

8:10  Morning message, calendar, flag salute or music

8:30-9:55  Language Arts: weekly story comprehension, rotations

              and workbook, class work, phonics, guided reading, grammar,

              vocabulary activities, writing and journals, Friday tests                        

9:55-10:10  Morning Snack/Recess

10:15-10:30  Silent reading, sharing activities

10:30-11:25  Math: Lesson and activities, math fun projects, workbooks  

11:25  Clean up/Line up for lunch

11:30-12:10  Lunch/Recess

12:10-12:25  Teacher reads/students read silently/or catch-up on math/language arts

(Time/Day to be determined)  Media Center/Library Check-out

                 (AR or library books returned and new ones checked out)

(Time to be determined)  PE on Mondays and Thursdays

12:30-1:00  Math or Language Arts: writing, phonics, poetry, handwriting, math projects

12:30-1:00  Alternate Art Lessons/Special projects/STEM

1:20-2:00  Science, Social Studies, Technology, STEM

1:25  Early Release Days  (Wednesdays)  

2:00-2:10 Discuss Homework/Sharing/Cleanup

2:10  Dismissal