1. Students Clever Account - Google This link connects students with their Clever accounts which will let them access their textbooks, Google Classroom, and other various curricular apps they use regularly.
2. Weekly Spelling Homework (Extras) Parents, this is a link to the Google Doc that has the weekly spelling homework. In the event that your student forgets, you can print extras from here and use the weekly spelling words listed on the "Weekly Curricular Information" Section of this website.
3. Subtraction with Regrouping Tutorial Video This is a tutorial video about subtraction with regrouping.
4. Subtraction Across Zeros Tutorial Video This tutorial video is about how to subtract across zeroes.
5. Multidigit Multiplication Tutorial Video This tutorial shows how to multiply two two digit factors.
6. Multiplication Math Facts Practice This is a website that gives practice multiplication fast facts to help with memorization. Just click "START" and it will give you problems. Be sure to check out if you are correct or incorrect in the box to the right.