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2006 California Distinguished School

2007 Blue Ribbon School

Olinda Elementary School is the “Home of the Eagles: Where students are challenged to soar toward personal excellence.” Olinda’s distinctive “school in the country” charm, coupled with technologies and curriculum for the future, offers our children the best of both worlds. Students, parents, and staff take pride in the traditions that celebrate Olinda School as a community of learners. 

Located in Brea, Olinda Elementary School is a public school, which currently serves approximately 645 students in grades Preschool, TK, K and 1-6. The school lies in an open setting about three miles from the center of Brea on Birch Street. It is nestled between a neighborhoods and the Brea Sports Park.

Brea is a small community, and Olinda’s high educational standards and expectations are well known among its citizens. In addition to the excellent teaching and support staff, Olinda has a tradition of active parent and community involvement. The mission of our school community is to prepare our students with behaviors and attitudes that reflect a love of learning, a mastery of basic skills, an enthusiasm for work, a respect for tradition, a spirit of cooperation, an understanding of diversity, a sense of self-worth, and a zest for the future.

The present Olinda School was built in 2011, which is its fourth location. However, its heritage goes back to the original school built in 1898 and continues to house the original school bell in its courtyard. Olinda celebrated its 100th birthday in 1998.

The school is comprised of 27 classrooms, a media center (library/computer), a multipurpose room, kitchen facility, and a central office which house administration, staff workroom, health clerk office, and staff lounge. 

Olinda’s student population is served through 25 regular education classrooms with support from two Educational Learning Specialists (ELS). Students in all support programs are mainstreamed with equal access to the core curriculum. Our GATE program serves identified students through clustering and differentiated instruction in the classroom.

Teachers, staff and parents share the responsibility of ensuring that every child succeeds in mastering a high quality curriculum emphasizing depth over breadth. All students are actively involved in meaningful activity-based instruction with attention to providing all students with learning experiences necessary to meet or exceed district and state standards. Core programs including the Mind Institute Math Program, Accelerated Reader Program and many others allow all students to excel at their own pace. In addition, Olinda has a variety of programs in the areas of music and art to enrich the standard curriculum. The Art Masters program, music assemblies, and the band program allow our students to flourish in the area of Fine Arts. Our Project Wisdom and CyberSafety lessons allow our students to develop citizenship skills and create a stronger sense of respect and responsibility to their school and community.

Olinda School’s learning environment will assure students a place where self-discipline, self-esteem, and academic proficiency are fostered. Through a safe, attractive campus, recognition of achievement, effective conflict resolution and quality parent-school communication, students will show enthusiasm for learning and pride in their school. Kids come first at Olinda Elementary School!