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Library & Media Center

Welcome to Olinda's Media Center!
Hybrid Book Check out
No students are allowed in the Media Center at this time.  Books must be placed on hold and will be delivered to the library bin that is placed in front of each classroom.
Be sure to place your holds at the beginning of each week (Mon. & Tue.) to allow time for books to be pulled and delivered to your classrooms the same week.  If you put books on hold please be sure to check the bin before you leave school each day.
Book returns will also be in the same book bin in front of each classroom.  If you need to renew a book please email me at [email protected]
Distance Learning & Online Academy Book Check out
Please follow instructions on how to put books on holdAfter books are placed on hold, please look out for an automated email from our library system or myself letting you know when book/s are ready to be picked up.  This email will be sent to the default email address on Aries Parent Portal (please check your junk mailbox). Once you receive this notice you may pick up your books on the library cart located inside the MPR during regular office hours (M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding holidays).  Your student may drop off old library books on the same day they pick up their new books.  Please remember students may only have 2 library books checked out at one time.  If they are not done with a library book and only return 1 book they should only pick up 1 book.   The drop-off box is located inside the MPR next to the library cart.  If you would like to renew any books please email me at [email protected].
E-Books OC Public Libraries
Students could access an eLibrary through OC Public Libraries all Orange County residents can apply for a free e-card through this service or you could use your existing OC public library card.  
To log in to Renaissance Home Connect Website
Renaissance updated their interface this school year ('20-'21).  There is a new URL Renaissance Home  to view your student's AR progress.
If you would like to receive emails showing your student's AR quiz results, you must log into Renaissance Home Connect enter your student's AR user name and password and click "Get Email Updates" on the upper right hand corner.
ST Math (Jiji)
ST Math is now web-based.  ST Math could be accessed via Clever or web browser with your computer or iPad.
Typing Agent
Typing Agent is new to Olinda thanks to our amazing P.T.O.  It is a web based curriculum teaching keyboarding and typing skills for all ages.  To log into your account simply follow the Typing Agent login procedures.
Yeti Academy
Yeti Academy is a coding program created by the makers of Typing Agent.  Students will have free access to try out this program until July 2021.  To try out Yeti Academy please use the same login procedures at Typing Agent.
Mrs. Clarin's Virtual Library
Book Spotlight: Click on the book to read the summary.
Read Aloud Corner: Click on the book to watch and listen.
Please visit regularly as books will be updated!
Celebrate your child's birthday by donating a book to our school library in honor of your child.  Simply purchase a book from our Amazon Wishlist, once it arrives your child will be the first to read it.  You may add a dedication and/or your child's picture inside the book for future Eagles to enjoy.
Want to see something in the library we don't have?
Simply fill out the book suggestion form and we will do our best to get it into our school library.