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Homework Policy

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Sixth Grade Homework Policy

Homework is an extension of content learned in class, and is a valuable tool for practice, reinforcement of concepts, enrichment, and the development of effective and efficient time management and study skills.

Homework (including Accelerated Reading) will average about forty to sixty minutes per night, which may vary dependent upon an individual student’s study habits and use of class time.  Long-term projects may require additional time and occasional weekend work.

The following Homework Policy will be enforced in class:

  • Homework is due the next day unless otherwise stated by the teacher.

  • All assignments must have the student’s full name, student number, and date.  Points may be deducted for missing student information.

  • Late assignments will NOT be accepted.  Students will be graded on the work they have completed when the assignment is due and collected.  Math homework must be completed in full to receive credit. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Absent students have two days to complete assignments from their absence.  Upon return from an absence, students are responsible for obtaining, completing, and submitting missing work within this time frame.