Welcome to Fifth/Sixth Grade

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  Please note the following important dates and events:



Questions?  Please email me at  wheard@bousd.us


Monday, April 19th
5th Grade
1. Jamestown Decisions totals and What Happened/Reflection
2. Math Line Plots due Wed.
3. Math textbook pages 429-430 #1-14
4. Benchmark writing Evidence Chart
5. Terabithia Ch. 7-8
6. TFK Olympics due Wed.
7. April Poem final draft due Thurs.
6th Grade
1. Math Ch. Review pages 427-432 #1-20; test tomorrow
2. Evidence/Conclusion chart
3. Math Figure It Out due Wed.
4. TFK Olympics due Wed.
5. April Poem final draft due Thurs.
See Mr. Kessel's and Mr. Viles' class websites for Social Studies and Science homework
P.E. Google Classroom code: htf23au
3rd Trimester A.R. Requirements:
1. Meet/exceed points goal
2. Include at least one NONFICTION book with passing test score
3. Minimum four books
Due Date: Monday, May 24th @ 2:10 p.m.
2nd Trimester Goals
1. Jiji Objectives (4 more for 3rd trimester)
2. iReady Reading (1 lessons per week x 10 weeks=10 more lessons for 3rd trimester)
3. iReady Math (1 lessons per week x 10 weeks =10 more lessons for third trimester) 
Due Date: Monday, May 24th