Wendy Heard » Welcome to Sixth Grade

Welcome to Sixth Grade

Current Assignments
Thursday, September 19th
1. Math calendar due Monday, September 23rd
2. TFK due Tuesday
1st Period 
1. Improve "Earth Movements"
2nd Period
1. Improve "Earth Movements"
3rd Period
1. Improve "Earth Movements"
Heard (Monday)
1. Universe flip book due Monday
Kessel (Friday)
1. Notes (Explore pages 1-3) due Friday
Viles (Tuesday)
1. Universe flip book due Tuesday
Students of the Month
Student Council Elections
Thank you to all of the candidates who volunteered to serve on Student Council this term:  Abraham Baltodano, Adeline Cooper, Taylor Diebolt, Ryan Kim Austen Lee, Giselle Meza, Amira Nasouf, Ashley Wolfson, and Mia Wolfson. Abe and Adeline will represent Room 306 for the fall semester.