Welcome to Sixth Grade

Current Assignments
Wednesday, February 19th
1st Period
2nd Period
3rd Period
Heard (Monday)
1. Unit 3 study guide due Monday/test on Monday
Kessel (Friday)
Viles (Tuesday)
1. Unit 3 study guide due Tuesday/test on Tuesday
Students of the Month
September - Addisyn Navasu
October - Austen Lee
November - Aimee May
December - Kaeden Vasquez
January - Taylor Diebolt
Spring Student Council
Thank you to Taylor Diebolt, Ryan Kim, Austen Lee, Joseph Lim, Aimee May, Giselle Meza, Amira Nasouf, Christopher Patow, Aiden Sohn, Kaeden Vasquez, and Ashley Wolfson for volunteering to serve Room 306 in the Olinda Student Council.  After several compelling speeches, Amira and Kaeden were elected as our class representatives.  Great job everyone!